God is Bigger than the Boogeyman

I don’t even remember the VeggieTales episode, just the song. Somehow, it stuck in my head. And I sang it to the boys I nannied when I put them to bed one time when their parents were out, and they were afraid of monsters under the bed: “God is bigger than the boogeyman. He’s bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV, oh God is bigger than the boogeyman, and He’s watching out for you and me.” It’s easy to sing that song to a child, thinking it will miraculously melt away their fear. It’s easy to think, “There’s no reason to fear monsters under the bed! They don’t exist! And God’s here, anyway, and He’ll take care of you.” As an adult, it’s easy to minimize the fear of children because we know more than they do. We know there are no such things as monsters under the bed. But to children, those fears are real. And the presence and comfort of God is something real to be offered, not just a pat answer.

And aren’t we all children in a sense? The monsters we fear may be real—depression. Illness. Divorce. Layoffs. Losing loved ones. The list goes on. Those monsters are real. But do we really need to fear them? God is just as much bigger than those things as He is bigger than the boogeyman. And He’s watching out for us. He saw that monster form and lurk its way toward you, and He will watch it go. And like the adult who knows the child doesn’t really need to be scared of the monsters under the bed, He knows His children—the redeemed and reborn who put their faith in His Son—need not really fear those things. Because He is bigger. And He can slay them in an instant. He doesn’t always. Sometimes He lets them linger, because He knows they’re to teach us to trust Him in the midst of the battle. But knowing He could cut them down dead in an instant if He really wanted to? That He’s stronger and bigger and more powerful than them, and they don’t have the power or authority to destroy me? That comforts me. And I know I don’t really have to be afraid of them.

As adults, we tell kids that monsters under the bed don’t exist. But we know monsters are real. They just aren’t blue and fuzzy with purple polka dots like Sully. They take a different form. But nevertheless, we need not fear them, because God is bigger.


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