Like a Child: Featuring Guest Blogger Marla Stanley

Well, I’m starting something new here on OnceLost,NowFound. Once a month, on the last Wednesday of each month, I’ll be featuring a guest blogger. I’ve asked a college friend, Marla Stanley, to kick off the guest blogging this week. Take some time, after the excitement of the Red Sox winning the World Series wears off (!!!), to check out Marla’s post, and where she blogs over at Miprip:Finding Joy. Shout out and thanks to Marla to being my first guest blogger!

Hey there, friends! I would like to introduce myself as I’m guest-posting today for Tamara. (Thanks for the invite to your space, Tamara!) I blog over at Miprip: Finding Joy and I like to talk and share about life, my family, and a few book or product reviews thrown in for fun! I would love for you to come visit me on the blog or at my Miprip: Finding Joy Facebook page so that we can share joy together!

Like a Child

She whispers a gasp, followed by “na-na”. My daughter is anticipating the slices of strawberries I am scooping into a cup for her consumption. Bringing her right hand to her chest, she signs “please?” and looks up into my eyes eagerly. I smile and show her the cup with the berries, telling her, “Come with me, baby. I’ll give you some while we wait for Daddy.” She sweetly trotted along with me to the bench where we sat and I fed her strawberries. Pure bliss.

Granting my daughter’s desires brings me incredible joy as a parent. She hardly gets everything that she wants, but when her wants are aligned with good (things that are beneficial for her to enjoy) and within our means, Mason and I do not hesitate to grant them to her. Madeleine knows this well at 1.5 years of age and she also knows that she is loved, safe, and belongs. We also want for her to know the truth about who she is and the person God created her to be. We want her to know God and His heart to satisfy her. We want her to learn to ask Him for her desires and whisper, gasp in anticipation as she gazes into His face, eager for Him to provide what is good, acceptable and perfect!

Sometimes I allow Maddy to help choose fruit at the grocery store. Last week, in typical Maddy-fashion, she gasped and whispered, “na-na”, signing “please” when she saw the bags of grapes (if you haven’t figured out by now many things are called “na-na”). Her patience was expressed well as we had to pay for our groceries and get home before she could enjoy any of her chosen fruit! We arrived home and again, Maddy did well to be patient while we unloaded groceries…until she saw me empty the bag of grapes into the sink to be washed. She is usually a wonderful helper so in that same motion of emptying the grapes, I had held out the dirty bag asking her to throw it away for me. She didn’t understand. She thought they were suddenly gone and that she wasn’t going to enjoy any of them.

Maddy’s desires don’t always align with good. Boy, can she attempt a scene when we do not grant her desires! She is a toddler after all, and though some Grandparents or bystanders may think she is perfect, she is a sinful human being just like every other small child. In that moment at the kitchen sink, my daughter’s shoulders sunk and her little lip stuck out inches from her face! She could not see that I was washing the grapes so that she could enjoy them. She didn’t understand that the process was for her good and protection.

So often I am that child…pouting over my immediate wants not being met when God is working out a plan that is better! I am so thankful for the reminder, through my daughter, that my satisfaction lies in the Lord.

“For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.”

Psalm 107:9

Matthew chapter 18 expresses so clearly that our faith, the foundation of our relationship with our Heavenly Father is to be like that of a child. Madeleine’s childlike belief that I will grant her desires challenged me to gaze earnestly into my Lord’s face, expressing my wants in a whisper, gasping with anticipation as I watch His process of provision. The timeline and mode rarely fit my expectations, and often I need to realign my desires, but the result is always good, acceptable and perfect (Rom. 12:2).


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