God is so good.

Last weekend, my aunt texted me and said, “I got you a present!”

“Yay,” I thought. I love presents. But I wasn’t about to ask what it was, because I also love surprises. Then she asked if I wanted to know what it was, and I thought, “Why not? I’ll know what it is eventually, anyway.” And, she sounded like she was dying to tell me.

“A kindle!!!”

“No way…”

But it was true. She had bought me a kindle—something I would love to have, but probably would never have bought for myself.

It gets better, though.

She texted me the next morning to ask if I would prefer a nook to a kindle. I would. Not that I would complain about having a kindle, but I always thought that if I were ever to get an e-reader, I’d get a nook. I’m not really sure why, other than that I just love Barnes and Noble.

My aunt told a co-worker of hers the next day about ordering me a kindle, and the woman asked if she thought I might like the nook instead; she had one she had been looking to get rid of for a while. Not one for technology, she found it wasn’t user-friendly enough for her. And besides, it was a present she got from her ex-husband, so she wasn’t exactly eager to hold onto it.

The woman had even tried to give it to her own niece, but the girl already had one of her own.

My aunt, excited to get a better deal on the nook than the kindle, negotiated the price with her co-worker. The woman wouldn’t take more than ten dollars. Ten. Dollars. Did I mention she also threw in a Kate Spade leather case that, alone, cost her thirty dollars (and was only at that price after being on sale for seventy percent off or something absurd like that)? And it’s pink and orange. And says on the front, “she kept her nose in a book”, and on the back, “and her head in the clouds”. Andsheconsidered it a favor for us to be taking it off of her hands! My aunt was also able to cancel her order on the kindle, so she didn’t even have to deal with the hassle of having to return it. We were talking about the whole thing last night when she gave me the nook, and she said, “That’s no coincidence.” I said, “You’re right,” and thanked God.

My heart is full. I probably never would have bought myself a nook, at least not anytime soon, because it’s a luxury I just can’t afford right now—let alone an adorable Kate Spade leather case! And my aunt, who was willing to pay for a kindle in order to do something nice for me, ended up only having to pay ten dollars. I love my nook, and I thank God for it. But this is about more than a nook. It’s just another reminder of how wonderful God is, and how great His love for His children, that He would lavish unexpected and undeserved blessings upon us, on top of sending His Son to redeem our souls.