My God is the God Who Provides

God is so good. He always answers prayer. He always provides. Even when I pray and inwardly, without even realizing it, doubt He’ll come through—because when He does, I’m always surprised. Amazed.

Like last week. I had a dentist appointment at Tufts Dental for a cleaning, and realized the day before that I didn’t have the money to pay for it. I couldn’t cancel because it was within 24 hours, so I prayed. And what happens? God answers. They called me and they cancelled! They needed the chair for someone else—it was an emergency. My cleaning would have to wait, but I was totally okay with that. 🙂

Or like today. Today it dawned on me that tomorrow my phone bill will automatically be taken out of my account—and that I wouldn’t have the money for it. But then I remembered a check I hadn’t deposited yet. Woo hoo! See ya later, overdraft fees. 🙂

Or like tonight. Tonight I received another awesome answer to prayer. Back in May I agreed to speak at a ladies’ meeting at a church. I also started corresponding with DayBreak Ministries, a pregnancy resource center in downtown Boston, about volunteer opportunities. I kept in touch with both parties over the past couple of months, and was really excited about the doors God seemed to be opening with both of these opportunities. I agreed to speak at the church on August 6th, and in the meantime attended volunteer orientation with DayBreak, and even had an interview. I’d need to go through training with DayBreak, and would need to attend all sessions in order to become a volunteer. But aside from one minor schedule conflict that could easily be worked out, I thought I’d be able to make all the trainings with no problem—until I thought, “I think one of the training sessions is on a Saturday. I realllly hope it’s not the same Saturday I’m speaking at the church!” And, of course, it was. I prayed about it. “God, I really want to be a volunteer with DayBreak, and I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t work out. I understand if it’s not Your timing, but I pray that if it’s Your will that You will work it out.” I didn’t want to ask to postpone the ladies’ meeting two weeks’ out; I’d already agreed to it, and it just didn’t feel right to ask to change it to a different time. So I prayed. It had been a while since I had been in touch with my friend who’s organizing the meeting, so I contacted her just to confirm the date and time. She ended up messaging me back asking if we could push it back to September, since August was going to be a hectic month. I replied, “Absolutely! :D” thinking, “Thank you, God!”

Again, He is so good. And He answers prayer. He provides, and He opens doors. Even though I am soon done with college and needing a full-time job, and have no idea what that job will be, I’m not worried because I know God knows. And He’ll show me just as He’s been faithful to show me His plans before, in His time—just as He’ll been faithful to answer prayer and provide for my every need.