It’s been a while.

I have a habit of reading back through old journal entries (I think I mentioned that before). Anyway, here’s my entry from two years ago today. Well, part of it, anyway.

God, You’re amazing. Life is so hard sometimes, but it’s so beautiful. Your creation is beautiful. The snowflakes, the sunsets, the little things that make me smile. Ducks floating down the stream that flows through Brewster Gardens and the calming noise the water makes as it gushes over the rocks, under the bridges. The delicate, bare branches that lift their hands to you against the gray winter sky, that signify Your regenerating us when their buds bloom in Spring. “Behold, the old things are passed away…all things are become new.” I shed my old leaves in Fall, the bitterness and anger and jealousy falls away, and when Spring comes around the buds of fruitfulness, of love and trust and hope begin to blossom, and reach their peak in Summer, the green palms of their hands spread wide. In winter I lift my hands to You in desperation, crying for the sunshine, but with hope that it’s on the way because I know it’s needed for the buds to bloom, and I know they will bloom.