I’ve been reading back through my journal entries from a year ago and this is what I wrote this day last year:


You’re my Father and I am Your child. That’s a concept I’m starting to grasp. You love me. You want me to run to You and climb into Your lap–when I’m joyful so you can celebrate with me and bounce me up and down on Your knee, when I’m thankful for the blessings you give me and wrap my arms around Your neck, squeezing You with a hug of gratitude as You smile because Your child enjoyed Your gift so much. When I’m scared and You hold me tight as You whisper, “It’s okay, Daddy’s got you,” and I feel completely safe in Your arms. When I’m sad and You caress me gently as I lean into Your chest and sob–You let me, and You listen, and You assure me, “Everything’s gonna be alright,” and right then, I believe it, because I’m in the arms of my Father, the Most High God.
Father, thank You for that powerful imagery. But as I am reminded that you are a loving Father, let me not forget that You are a holy, righteous judge that hates sin. What I need to remember though, is that You can be both–and You are. O, that I would hate sin as You do. That I would remember the freedom I have in Christ and not get so hung up over my mistakes, but also that I would not discount my sin or take it lightly because You don’t. I am a saint-not a perfect one, but one that You are sanctifying day by day. My struggles will not disappear overnight, but with Your grace, I will, over time, conquer them.

… and it goes on. But I’m not going to post that here. 😛 I just wanted to share that one part.
Good night.


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